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It is important to us to seek feedback and recommendations from our residents and family members



"I liked the cozy, homey environment with personalized attention and care" Family member


"I like the openers of Hamilton with different options for patients to be.  Good sized rooms with multiple outdoor patios" Family member


"I like the smaller size and the feel of the place.  Not an institution but a home.  I wish we had chose this place first for my mom."  Family member




"I feel a professional and cultural compatibility with Krystal and believed I would be able to work with her in the care of my dad" Family member


"I appreciate everything that Krystal and the staff do.  I know they work very hard."  Family member


"I stumbled across this place in search of a care home for my aunt.  Everything fell into place as I walked in the door and met Krystal Smith and her amazing staff.  She said she had one room available the following week which was, again, perfect timing to move her in and get the care she was needing.  This has been a perfect fit for my aunt.  She loves being taken care of and is making friends with the other residents and the caring staff" Family member


"When I was looking for a place for my Mom, this was the one I liked best, but my mother had visited people she knew in another home and wanted to go there. That place did not work out, so we moved here. My mother and brother and I have all been very happy with the care she receives. Plenty of attention to detail type care, plus friendly and kind staff. Krystal has been really great with help with questions I've had, and always responds quickly. A safe and caring place for your parents." Family member




"I like the all-inclusiveness of the care costs" Family Member


"The rates are worth it for the care your loved one receives" Family Member

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